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Thank you for choosing MK Embossing for album embossing needs. Album embossing is a great way to add personalization and an elegant flair to your photo albums. MK Embossing does offer embossing services on a variety of different scrapbook albums. Please check with us before sending your albums for embossing.

Album embossing can be done on the spot in a workshop setting, you are welcome to stop by and drop off your albums, or your embossing can be done through the mail. Please be aware that when shipping albums, the customers are responsible for all shipping charges. A shipping box is available free of charge at the post office. Several album covers / spines can be shipped for approximately  $4 to $5 each way.

Album embossing prices are as follows:

                   1 line set-up                       $ 6.00
                   2 line set-up                       $12.00
                  same set-up - 2nd. imprint   $  3.00
                   "Made with Love by Mom"
                                          logo             $ 6.00

Bobby Joe Smith      1 line center of album        $ 6.00

Boddy Joe Smith      1 line center of album and
                                repeated on spine              $ 9.00

The Smith Family
Christmas Album      2 lines together                  $12.00

Disney                      1 line center of album
January 1999             1 line lower right corner    $12.00

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